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Snake control

Snakes are legless reptiles that give them a unique appearance. While colouration and marking vary between species, all snakes have similar features of scaly bodies and lidless eyes. Although snakes frighten most people, they are shy creatures that prefer to be undisturbed and hidden. Most snakes do not strike unless provoked or injured. In Kenya, there are three main species of snakes commonly found.

Types of Snakes

Puff cobra

Puff cobra

Cape cobra

Cape cobra

Cape cobra

Cape cobra


Signs Of snakes

Ecdysis - Shedding Skins
Ecdysis - Shedding Skins
Through a process called ecdysis. Snakes shed their skin to allow for further growth and remove parasites that bind onto their old skin.
Through a process called ecdysis. Snakes shed their skin to allow for further growth and remove parasites that bind onto their old skin.


Eliminate food sources with our help
Snakes consume small animals such as rodents, fish and insects. Areas with existing rodent and insect infestation can provide promising habitats. Ensuring to have regular pest control treatments to get rid of food sources can prevent home or business invasion from snakes.
Deter their pathways
If the wall perimeter is covered with plants – this provides a ‘ladder’ for snakes to climb over walls thereby entering your compound. We recommend Trimming tree branches near the wall perimeter and cut off any plants on the walls to prevent opportunities for snakes to climb the walls.
Prevent possible hiding area and nesting sites
Ensure not to keep wood, rocks, and debris from pilling up in an area. This provides promising nesting sites for snakes.

Professional Treatment

Snake problems require specific skills and vast experience. If you have any concerns about snake infestation be sure to contact us to deal with the pest-problem.

Professional Fumigation’s offers snake repellent services to snake problems. We make use of spraying pesticides and placing paste gel at possible hiding areas, nesting sites, pathways and along the external perimeters. This will provide a boundary safe zone keeping any snake species aware from your site.  We also offer our clients capturing and delivering services. Our team will provide safe capturing and transportation services of all snake species to the National Museum.

At professional fumigations we use an Integrated Pest Management approach, to help prevent pest activity before it occurs. We combine a collaborative on-going cycle of four activities to ensure maximum protection whilst ensuring preservation in ecological, environmental, and structural factors. How our A.I.M.S works:

We provide a comprehensive inspection and documentation underlying pest-infestation.

Free comprehensive Inspection

Our Free visit will examine evidence of pest infestation, geography and structural conditions conducive to pests.

Comprehensive documentation

A Comprehensive survey report with diagrams illustrating pest problems and Interview reports on key personnel.


We work with you to develop a customized solution to your needs and the environment.

Focus on your prevention

Solutions tailed to your pest problem.

Triple Guarantee policy

  • Money back guarantee.
  • Complimentary service.
  • Response guarantee.

Environmentally responsible

Your professional team will use the most effective product with the least impact on the environment.


Year- round monitoring, analytics, and documentation service.

Intelligent monitoring

We provide insect traps monitors to spot signs of pest activity reported to you with comprehensive trend analysis.

Customized Reporting tool

Receive monthly reports.

Pest- alerts

Receive alert notifications on your portal for potential pest problems.


Your Free support services.

Free support service

Comprehensive prevention advice upon each visit.

Free regular service

inspections throughout your contract with us.