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Basics and appearance

Rodent control is important in ensuring the protection of structures and electrical component, saving business from incurring preventable costs. The costs can be sever given their ability to be rapid breeders, where a single rodent can produce 32-84 pups a year. The Centers for disease Control and Prevention  and the World Health Organization documents the spreading of diseases caused by rodents through contamination and contact. The most common type of diseases are salmonellosis, leptospirosis and rat bite fever.

Brown Rat

Brown Rat

Black Rats

Black Rats


Signs of rodents

  • Rat droppings – Rat dropping dark brown in a shape of a ‘grain’
  • Rub marks- Grease/dirt on their bodies tend to leave smudges on surfaces
  • Rat sounds – Rats are most active at night. You may hear indicates such as: squeaks, climbing sounds or scratching noises in the walls.
  • Live or dead mice – spotting one rodent during the daytime is usually associated with at least 10 rodents in the general area.
  • Strong smell – Urination produced by rats has strong smell which can linger for a long time.


Prevention Tips

  • Storing food sources – Ensure all foods are covered with plastic containers to prevent mice from being attracted towards the smell of food.
  • Cardboard – Cardboard boxes prove attractive to rodents, as they tend to chew them up to use as their nesting sites. Accumulation of stored cardboard boxes can provide a home for rodents.
  • Peppermint oil/ pepper or onions – The pungent smell of these substances will prevent rats for a period of time as they can’t stand the smell.
  • Seal openings – Proofing your home or business: Block holes that provide entry and re-entry points located in the doorway, cables and drain pipes to prevent rodents from evading the area.



Professional Treatment

Step 1: Inspection

You will be provided with a personal inspection drafting a diagram of your property illustrating signs of rodent infestation and treatment points.

Step 2: Implement

Here at professional

Using rodent traps in your home or business

Rodent bait traps at professional fumigations are innovation traps designed to protect the rodenticide from weather, pets and public.

  • Rodent traps are placed on the floor at wall junctions to trap mice.
  • The traps are small, hygienic and safe to keep.
  • The rodent trap will be used in conjunction with our monitoring system allowing us to provide you with regular feedback.
At professional fumigations we use an Integrated Pest Management approach, to help prevent pest activity before it occurs. We combine a collaborative on-going cycle of four activities to ensure maximum protection whilst ensuring preservation in ecological, environmental, and structural factors. How our A.I.M.S works:

We provide a comprehensive inspection and documentation underlying pest-infestation.

Free comprehensive Inspection

Our Free visit will examine evidence of pest infestation, geography and structural conditions conducive to pests.

Comprehensive documentation

A Comprehensive survey report with diagrams illustrating pest problems and Interview reports on key personnel.


We work with you to develop a customized solution to your needs and the environment.

Focus on your prevention

Solutions tailed to your pest problem.

Triple Guarantee policy

  • Money back guarantee.
  • Complimentary service.
  • Response guarantee.

Environmentally responsible

Your professional team will use the most effective product with the least impact on the environment.


Year- round monitoring, analytics, and documentation service.

Intelligent monitoring

We provide insect traps monitors to spot signs of pest activity reported to you with comprehensive trend analysis.

Customized Reporting tool

Receive monthly reports.

Pest- alerts

Receive alert notifications on your portal for potential pest problems.


Your Free support services.

Free support service

Comprehensive prevention advice upon each visit.

Free regular service

inspections throughout your contract with us.